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Neighboring spots

Here you will find a rich selection of places to visit and activities to do nearby. From fascinating tourist attractions to suggestive naturalistic excursions, there are experiences for all tastes. Discover the hidden treasures of the area, follow our guides and experience unforgettable adventures. 

Rocca D'Anfo 

A jewel set on Lake Idro. The Rocca d'Anfo is a system of military fortifications of great historical and landscape interest which occupies an area of about 50 hectares on the western shore of Lake Idro (BS), near the ancient border between Lombardy and Tyrol between Valle Sabbia and Giudicarie Valleys.


Boat ride

The tourist navigation service on Lake Idro is active from mid-June to mid-September. The boat tour, which lasts about two hours, allows you to observe and visit the beauties and landscapes of our lake: with departure and arrival in Lemprato, Idra also makes stops in Crone, Vantone, Anfo, Vesta, Baitoni and Ponte Caffaro.  

battello sul lago d' idro che collega i paesi  che affacciano sul lago

Castel San Giovani 

On the road that leads from Baitoni to Bondone, on a rock overlooking the lake, stands this castle with a mysterious air, owned for centuries by the powerful Lodron family. What makes Castel San Giovanni particularly fascinating is its position, leaning as it is on top of a high rock spur.


Darzo mines

The town of Darzo is home to one of the most extraordinary industrial archeology sites in the Trentino valleys, namely the Darzo mines.

Darzo, Miniere di Darzo
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