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Bars, restaurants and supermarkets in the area:

Paolo Market

Paolo Market is passionately dedicated to the sale of typical products from the Brescia and Trentino areas. Gastronomy, delicatessen and wine shop guarantee customers taste and quality.

Monica Alimentari

In this grocery you can find local cheeses and dairy products such as Bagoss, Storo flour and other genuine products.


Coop is one of the leading supermarket chains in the whole country. It offers a large selection of quality, fresh food products, sourced from local and national suppliers. 

Sergio Baciucchi

Typical local products such as Bagóss, cured meats, typical Trentino and Brescia wines and fresh bread even on Sundays.


In Ponte Caffaro there are two fruit and vegetables: 

 - Fruit and vegetables

 - Fruit-Service


In Ponte Caffaro there are two bakeries:

 - Bakery

 - George the baker


In Ponte Caffaro there are two butchers:

 - Mora butcher shop

 - Equine butcher shop

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